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Anarchy Definition

Anarchy is a sense-shifting word that comes with various meanings depending on the context. Although, the primary definition of anarchy still remains as a condition where a group of people lives without a leader. However, its meaning has been ameliorated to certain degree to imply other meanings such as: Abolishment of government, state of confusion, disorder, chaos, collapse etc. This means usage of anarchy cannot be restricted to government alone as it is a multi-sense word.

Anarchy definition

Anarchy is defined as a situation in which a society or an individual reject the use of government rule – Hierarchy. More appropriately, it refers to a society in disorder and downfall. Originally, the word Anarchy means ‘Leaderlessness’, but in 1880, a new political philosophy called Anarchism was denoted with the term in a treatise written by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, titled: What is property? Anarchism implies the use of voluntary associations in a stateless society and abolishment of classical form of government. This term also insinuates a country without central government rule. Anarchists are individuals that propagate the use of voluntary institutions in place of a central government rule.

Examples of Anarchy in a sentence

In many books, the word Anarchy has been used to infer different meanings. For instance, in an article written by Austin Murphy called ‘Sports Illustrated’ on the 27th of November, 2000. He made use of Anarchy as synonymous to disorder. It reads ‘fuelled by booze and the euphoria of having seen their school win a share of its first title in 36 years, a mob of Beavers fans hurled itself at the cops, breaching both chains and creating anarchy’. Likewise, in the ‘Continental’ written by David Fred in 1999, anarchy was also used to imply the abolition of traditional form of government. It reads – But by the early 1800s, the mines began to play out, and the colonists challenged the Spanish throne for independence. The Silver Cities survived not only the bloody revolution of 1821 but also the ensuing century of anarchy and bloodshed. Anarchy is also used casually, such as When the teacher was absent, there was anarchy in the classroom.

Recent examples from the Web

Apart from those mentioned above, there is a couple of recent examples of Anarchy from the Web. As stated by Matt Ford in The New Republic, “The Case Against Jaywalking Laws,” on the 12th of March, 2018. He says ‘Eliminating jaywalking and similar offenses won’t lead to anarchy on American roads. Another recent usage was from James Crepea, “The storm Auburn basketball weathered and why Bruce Pearl believes he’ll come out the other side,” on the 15th March, 2018. It reads – The anarchy of November, when former athletic director Jay Jacobs announced his resignation, left Auburn University president Steven Leath to handle several athletics matters unilaterally.

The Multiple Meanings of anarchy

Anarchy is a perfect example of words that occurs with multiple meanings. In the early 16th century, it was written that Anarchy means ‘Absence of government’, with implication of civil unrest. In reference to a Utopian society which had no government in the 19th century, anarchy was used similarly as before that century, but only improved. Despite using anarchy as a close term when speaking about government, it never stopped users from adopting it outside the fold of government with wider meaning of ‘a state of confusion’. The existence of semantic conflict due to different definitions for a single word doesn’t necessarily means one of them is wrong – it simply implies that word like anarchy with multiple meanings fits into different scenario based on different context. Aristocracy is another example of multi-sense word which is related to government. Originally, it means ‘government by the best individual’ when first used in English. Out rightly, it can still be used with such meaning, but in extended senses it implies ‘the aggregate of those believed to be superior’.

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